Announcing the HCI-Engineering Education workshop

The HCI-E2 Workshop on HCI Engineering Education (for developers, designers and more) aims at identifying, examining, structuring and sharing educational resources and approaches to support the process of teaching/learning Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Engineering. The workshop will be collocated with INTERACT 2021.

The broadening of the range of available interaction technologies and their applications, many times in safety and mission critical areas, to novel and less understood application domains, brings the question of how to address this ever changing nature in University curricula usually static. Beyond, as these technologies are taught in diverse curricula (ranging from Human Factors and psychology to hardcore computer science), we are interested in what the best approaches and best practices are to integrate HCI Engineering topics in the curricula of programs in software engineering, computer science, human-computer interaction, psychology, design, etc.

Find out more at HCI-Engineering Education 2021 – IFIP WG 2.7/13.4 (

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