Members of IFIP Working Group 2.7/13.4


José Creissac Campos, University of Minho & HASLab/INESC TEC (Portugal) Formal Methods; Software Engineering; HCI

Vice Chair

Gaëlle Calvary, Grenoble Informatics Laboratory, Univ. Grenoble Alpes (France) Plasticity of UIs; Persuasive technology; Model Driven Engineering


Judy Bowen, University of Waikato (New Zealand) Formal methods; Safety-critical systems; Interactive systems


Simone Diniz Junqueira Barbosa, PUC-Rio (Brazil) HCI
Len Bass, Carnegie Mellon University (USA) Software Architecture; UI software; Software engineering; Security architecture; DevOps
Stéphane Chatty, ENAC (France) HCI; Software engineering; Aeronautics
Joëlle Coutaz, Grenoble Informatics Laboratory, University of Grenoble (France) HCI; Ambient intelligence
Anke Dittmar, University of Rostock (Germany) HCI, UI Engineering, Interactive Systems
Alan Dix, University of Birmingham (UK) HCI; Physicality; Creativity; Community Technology; Human-Data Interaction
Emmanuel Dubois, Université Paul Sabatier (France) HCI; Tangible interfaces; Interaction techniques; Multi-device environments; Interactive visualization
Sophie Dupuy-Chessa, Grenoble Informatics Laboratory, Univ. Grenoble Alpes (France) Interactive systems, Adaptation, Evaluation, Emotion
Peter Forbrig, University of Rostock (Germany) UML; Design Patterns; HCI Patterns; Model-based Development; Model-driven Development
T.C. Nicholas Graham, School of Computing, Queen’s University (Canada) Game Design; HCI; Games for Health; Exergaming
Morten Borup Harning, Dialogical (Denmark) HCI
Kris Luyten, Hasselt University & iMinds (Belgium) HCI; Engineering Interactive Systems; Ubiquitous Computing; CSCW
Laurence Nigay, Grenoble Informatics Laboratory, University of Grenoble (France) HCI
Philippe Palanque, IRIT & University Paul Sabatier – Toulouse III (France) HCI
Fabio Paternò, ISTI-CNR (Italy) HCI; UI Engineering; Accessibility; Ubiquitous Computing; End-User Development
Kevin A. Schneider, University of Saskatchewan (Canada) Software Research
Davide Spano, Cagliari University (Italy) HCI; Model-Based Approaches for UIs; User-Modeling; Natural Interaction; End-User Development
Helmut Stiegler, STI Consulting (Germany) Software Engineering
Harold Thimbleby, FIT Lab, Swansea University (United Kingdom) Healthcare computing; Interactive devices; Human error; HCI
Hallvard Traetteberg, NTNU (Norway) Model-based development of UIs; Model-driven development; IT-support for programming education
Claus Unger, University of Hagen (Germany) Software Engineering; HCI
Gerrit van der Veer, Open Universiteit Nederland (Netherlands) HCI; Cognitive Ergonomics; CSCW
Benjamin Weyers, University of Trier (Germany) HCI; VR; Engineering of Interactive Systems
Marco Winckler, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (France) HCI
Jürgen Ziegler, University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany) HCI; Information Visualization; IUI; Semantic Data; Recommender Systems