Working meeting in Aachen (Jan ’18)

Aachen, Germany

January 8-10

Held in Aachen in January 8-10, 2018 at RWTH Aachen IT Center.

Here is a Google Maps link showing the location:


Jan 8 (Monday)
09h00 – Welcome
09h15 – Talks
  • Philippe Palanque (QBP Notation for Explicit Representation of Properties, their Refinement and their Potential Conflicts: Application to Interactive Systems)
  • Fabio Paternò (End user debugging of trigger action programming)
  • Laurence Nigay (Prototyping EXpandable Handheld Interfaces)
  • Davide Spano (Bridging Machine Learning and UI-Engineering Approaches for Gestures Interfaces)
  • Benjamin Weyers (Model transformation for participatory design)
  • Silvia Abrahão (User Experience for  Model-Driven Engineering: Challenges and Future Directions)
  • Jan Van den Bergh (tbd)
12h30 – Lunch
14h00 – Talks
  • Jurgën Ziegler (Explainable AI for Recommender Systems)
  • Anke Dittmar (Framework for complex design spaces)
  • Jean Vanderdonckt (Quality Properties)
15h30 – Discussion +  setting up of working groups
17h00 – Business meeting (members)
Jan 9 (Tuesday)
09h00 – working groups + report back
14h00 –  lab visit + working groups
Jan 10 (Wednesday)
09h00 – working groups
12h00 – final report on outputs + closing

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